The Survivor (The Mitch Rapp Series, #12)

The Survivor is the twelfth novel in the series featuring intelligence operative Mitch Rapp penned by Vince Flynn, currently the top selling author in Amazon’s thriller genre. This title features a fast-paced, hard-boiled plot to save the United States from outside threats which are aided by insubordination from the top levels of the American intelligence community.

Joe “Rick” Rickman has built a career as a stellar operative serving the CIA but he surprises everyone when he betrays the agency, stealing many classified documents which he threatens to leak to the world. The CIA sends in Mitch Rapp to deal with Rickman, which he …

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The Murder House

The Murder House is a recent novel released by internationally acclaimed suspense and thriller author James Patterson, who holds the world record for writing the most New York Times bestselling novels. This story follows a detective who returns to her formerly quaint hometown only to find a gruesome trail of blood that has the community up in arms.

Jenna Murphy is a New York City detective but career issues have her heading home to the Hamptons, where a life of privilege is the norm. Jenna is surprised to learn that the town has developed a seedier side to it and she is totally …

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The Prettiest One: A Thriller

The Prettiest One is a novel written by popular thriller writer James Hankins, a book which has jumped to the Top 10 bestsellers in the Amazon Kindle Store after being released just a few days ago. This title opens up with a woman suffering a bout of amnesia who follows a couple of gruesome clues to learn what and why she doesn’t remember anything.

When Caitlin Sommers comes to consciousness in her car, she surveys the scene to find a bag of prosthetic hands and her clothes spattered in someone’s blood. Caitlin not only cannot recall how she got there, she can’t …

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Sweeping Up Glass: A Novel

Sweeping Up Glass is a 2009 novel by historical fiction writer Carolyn Wall which has slowly crept up among the current bestsellers sold in the Kindle Store. This narrative set in the Segregation-era South starts with a woman trying to keep a trespasser off of her property and ends up with a community embroiled by racial tensions.

Olivia Harker Cross has been doing her best to make a living on the strip of mountain she owns in Pope County, Kentucky. When she learns that the wolves on her property are being tracked and killed for sport, she aims to find out …

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The Air He Breathes

The Air He Breathes is the most recent title completed by contemporary romance writer Brittainy Cherry and its currently the top selling eBook in the Kindle Store as of this writing. This story of intense mutual attraction between two young people follows in the footsteps of many other stories in the currently popular new adult genre.

Elizabeth is a young mother who must now care for her daughter, Emma, alone because of a terrible tragedy that has ripped the love of her life away from her. When she moves back to her hometown, one of the first things she hears is …

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The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel

The Girl Who Chased the Moon is a 2010 novel written by popular literary fiction author Sarah Addison Allen and has risen towards the ranks of the Top 10 bestsellers in the Kindle Store. This quirky tale features the story of one young woman who travels to a town to solve some of the mysteries surrounding her mother but she quickly finds mystery to be a way of life in her new surroundings.

Mullaby, North Carolina, is a strange place. In the dark of the night, unexplained lights flicker across lawns throughout the town. In some rooms, the wallpaper changes to suit …

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The Magician’s Lie: A Novel

The Magician’s Lie is the first work released on Amazon by historical fiction author Greer Macallister. This thriller takes readers on a psychological roller coaster as a police officer presented with what seems to be a clear case of murder is confounded by the reality of the situation.

Of all of the incredible feats of magic performed by the Amazing Arden, the one that draws out the crowds is her finale: sawing a man in half. When she reaches a stop in Waterloo, Iowa, she treats the crowd in that town to a special edition of her trick using a fire …

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Angel Falls: A Novel

This edition of Angel Falls is a re-release of the 2000 novel penned by Kristin Hannah, a former New York Times bestselling author and one of the more popular historical fiction writers currently on Amazon. This novel, which has a more contemporary setting, features a family drama surrounding one man’s struggle to save his wife at any cost.

Liam and Mikaela Campbell live a happy life, married with children, until the unthinkable occurs and Mikaela falls into a deep coma from which doctors fear she may never recover. Liam is torn between calming his grieving children and handling the news of his wife’s prognosis, …

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Violet’s Wish

Violet’s Wish is a 2002 book recently re-released for the Kindle eBook format and written by Carolyn Brown, a former New York Times bestselling author and a popular voice in the historical romance genre. This title features a heated affair between two loners on the American 19th century frontier who are perfectly wrong for each other.

Violet never wanted to see Orrin Wilde again after he disgraced her eight years earlier. Now a widow, Violet’s thoughts have turned towards what’s missing in her life and yearns for someone to sweep her off of her feet. Orrin’s in sore shape to do that, …

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Never Smile at Strangers

Never Smile at Strangers is a recent novel from Jennifer Jaynes, a relative newcomer to the mystery & thriller scene. This title explores the case of one small town whose calm is shattered by the work of serial killer who leaves very little trace but is determined to strike again.

The rural quietude of Grand Trespass, Louisiana, is thrown into upheaval when a nineteen-year-old girl disappears and no clues are left as to her whereabouts. The town’s residents are convinced they’ll find her until another young woman goes missing. This is just the start of a nightmare that begins to claim …

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Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain Can Improve Your Work – and Your Life

Activate Your Brain is a recent book authored by Emmy Award-winning writer and prolific public speaking professional Scott G. Halford. This title offers readers a number of actionable steps which they can take to improve their cognitive capacities and realize a fuller potential for their minds.

Every chapter of this book provides readers with a new mental activity, known as “Activations” in this text, which are designed to help readers cultivate better brain function and management. These various exercises aim to improve a reader’s focus, ability to ignore distractions, negative stress management, collaboration skills and self-confidence. This title’s text is part research-based, part anecdotal …

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Make Me: A Jack Reacher Novel

Make Me is the most recent novel out from internationally bestselling author Lee Child and the latest in that author’s continuing series of thrillers surrounding former military operative Jack Reacher. This title pits Reacher in a battle against a mysterious threat that has already claimed one investigative team and aims to take down Reacher as well.

Jack Reacher finds himself in an isolated community known as Mother’s Rest, a town surrounded by thousands of miles of wheat fields and the home of quiet citizens. When Reacher runs into Michelle Chang, a private investigator in a desperate search for her partner, he …

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Hollywood Dirt

Hollywood Dirt is the most recent novel from New York Times bestselling author Alessandra Torre, a popular writer in Amazon’s contemporary romance genre. This title features a torrid emotional whirlwind created by the attraction of two polar opposites that happens when a Hollywood bachelor takes a small town in Georgia by storm.

Ever since we was left by his superstar wife, Cole Masten has turned from a model family gentleman into a single man on the prowl wherever he goes. As the parties and escapades ramp up, Cole reads a book that features the small southern town of Quincy, GA. This quaint community is …

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The Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor is a novel recently released by contemporary fiction author A. J. Banner and is that author’s first commercial release sold on Amazon. This psychological thriller follows the story of one woman whose world quickly unravels after a sudden brush with tragedy.

Sarah McDonald is ready to enter a life of comfort in the quiet and secluded Shadow Cove, a beautiful town in the state of Washington. Her calm is destroyed one night, however, when an evil invades her life and her husband Johnny is nowhere near to stop it. As they try to trudge ahead from this low point, Sarah starts …

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