Boundary Crossed (The Boundary Magic Series, Book #1)

Boundary Crossed is a book published just today from popular fantasy writer Melissa F. Olson. This title, which has already shot to the Top 10 bestsellers in the Kindle store, follows a young woman who must learn to develop the newly found supernatural side of herself if she is going to save her family and herself.

Allison “Lex” Luther is a former U.S. Army sergeant who swears an oath to protect her niece Charlie after Charlie’s mom, Lex’s twin sister, is brutally slain. When Lex has to fight off a pair of vampires who have come for Charlie, she’s sure that …

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Gathering Prey (The Prey Series, Book #25)

Gathering Prey is the most recent novel out from New York Times bestselling author John Sandford, a very popular writer of mysteries and a 1986 Pulitzer Prize-award winner. This 25th installment of Sandford’s Prey series has climbed atop the Kindle bestseller charts and might be a good choice for anyone seeking an early summer investigative drama.

Letty Davenport, the adopted daughter of Lucas Davenport, receives a phone call from a distressed friend while she’s on break from college. Her friend is a Traveler, one of a group of traveling nomads who migrate from city to city across the country, panhandling to survive and generally …

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Memory Man (The Amos Decker Series, Book #1)

Memory Man is the most recent novel out from top thriller and suspense author David Baldacci, a writer of 29 full-length novels, some of which have been turned into motion pictures, such as Absolute Power. This book introduces a new detective character conceived by Baldacci whose tragic personal story coincides with a moment in time where he is one of the few people who can help a community heal.

Amos Decker’s professional football career was cut short on his very first play when a violent hit caused a number of problems with his brain. One new trait, an inability to forget anything, …

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The Baker’s Daughter: A Novel

The Baker’s Daughter is a recent novel out from author Sarah McCoy and this title is currently a #1 bestseller for Kindle’s women’s historical fiction genre. The story depicts the difficult personal choices made by a teenager during times of war and the way her tale is able to continue reverberating after decades.

Germany was seeing the waning days of the Nazi Empire slip away during 1945 but Elsie Schmidt is well-insulated from the worst of World War II. A marriage proposal from an older S.S. officer has allowed her to remain with her parents and work at their bakery in …

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The Last Jews in Berlin

The Last Jews in Berlin is a work of historical non-fiction by Leonard Gross published in January and that has climbed to the top of the Kindle bestseller charts in recent days. This title follows the real-life stories of a dozen Jewish men and women who were somehow able to escape Hitler’s clutches for more than a decade while living in the epicenter of Nazism.

There were 160,000 Jewish people living in the German capital of Berlin in 1933, the year in which Adolf Hitler came to power. Just one decade later, only 5,000 Jews remained in the city untouched by air …

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An Innocent Client (The Joe Dillard Series, Book #1)

An Innocent Client is the first book in the series following disaffected Tennessee lawyer Joe Dillard, which is penned by author Scott Pratt, currently a popular writer of mysteries and thrillers available at the Kindle Store. This story follows a disaffected attorney who is presented a case that may be the noble cause he’s been seeking.

A preacher visits a strip club and winds up dead in a motel room, rocking a rural Tennessee town with both tragedy and controversy. In their wake follows Joe Dillard, a capable attorney hired by the strip club’s owner to defend Angel Christian, a waitress …

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Harbor Nocturne

Harbor Nocturne is a recent novel from New York Times bestselling author Joseph Wambaugh, one of the writing world’s most popular authors of police procedurals. This author’s nineteenth work of fiction provides readers with a touching love story in an area of Los Angeles which is fraught with peril.

When Lita Medina, a young dancer from Mexico, and Dinko Babich, a longshoreman, meet on the docks of a San Pedro harbor so that Dinko can deliver Lita to a nightclub in Hollywood, both of their lives are forever changed. The novel follows the plight of these two young lovers through a crazed part …

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The Stranger

The Stranger is the most recent release from New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben, a popular contemporary writer of thrillers and suspense novels. This title takes a hard look at the lies some people tell themselves in order to build their life and the awful ways that it can all come crashing down around a person.

Adam Price has what most people would assume is a very happy life. Comfortably married, he has two sons, a large house, a good job and many of the other nice things that make up the American Dream. One day, what seems to be a chance encounter …

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True Love (The Nantucket Brides Trilogy, Book #1)

True Love is the first novel in the Nantucket Brides trilogy penned by romance writer Jude Deveraux and released in September 2013. This first novel in the saga follows a young woman getting a new lease on life while having to confront paranormal elements of a mystery two centuries in the making.

Alix Marsden is just getting over a breakup but she’s also just finished architectural school and jumps headfirst into an offer left in a will by Adelaide Kingsley, a woman who has a mysterious relationship with Alix’s family. Once there, Alix finds out that Adelaide has actually charged her …

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The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride is the most recent novel penned by internationally bestselling romance writer Nicholas Sparks and the seventeenth fiction title completed by the author during his career. This novel tells the story of two couples at very different points of their relationship, both of which are facing some life-changing events that occur on the same day.

Ninety-one year old Ira Levinson is clinging to life after being injured in a car crash. Stranded and with no one to care for him, Ira has a vision of his wife Ruth in the passenger seat. Although she passed away nine years earlier, …

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No Ordinary Billionaire (The Sinclair Series, Book #1)

No Ordinary Billionaire is the first entry into the Sinclair Series being penned by contemporary romance writer J.S. Scott, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist. This titillating novel chronicles a passionate love affair that develops between two city dwellers who cross paths after they escape to rural Maine.

Dante Sinclair is a billionaire but follows a call to serve that found him working as a homicide detective in Los Angeles. When he’s injured in an incident that takes the life of his partner, he crosses the country to Amesport, Maine, where he plans to recover at his family’s vacation home. Sarah Baxter …

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Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape

Beyond Belief is a personal memoir penned by Jenna Miscavige Hill, a former member of Scientology who is now a major critic of the so-called religion. This title lays open a painful family history in order to examine the psychologically controlling aspects of Scientology.

As the niece of David Miscavige, the leader of the Church of Scientology, Jenna Miscavige Hill enjoyed a fairly privileged place within the hierarchy of the religion along with her family. Jenna spent time as part of Scientology’s Sea Org, the highest ministry within Scientology and one which offered perhaps the toughest life, but the neglect she …

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The Sandcastle Girls: A Novel

The Sandcastle Girls is the fifteenth novel written by New York Times bestselling author Chris Bohjalian, one of the most popular historical fiction writers working today. This story spans the period of a century and the range of multiple continents to tell the full account of a love story shaping during a time of tragedy and its consequences generations later.

Elizabeth Endicott is a college graduate from a wealthy family who ends up in Aleppo, Syria, in 1915 to aid in nursing refugees from the Armenian genocide in Turkey. In the course of her work she meets Armen, an Armenian engineer and …

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The Passion of Marie Romanov

The Passion of Marie Romanov is a well-researched account of the last days of the Russian Romanov dynasty put together by Russian-language playwright Laura Rose. This narrative relies heavily on primary sources like letters and diaries left behind by the Romanovs to tell the story of the family’s tragedy from the point of view of one of the Romanov daughters.

This novel is told as a recollection had by Marie Romanov, the third daughter of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia, on the last night of her life in the Ipatiev House on July 17th, 1918. Her family’s life had irrevocably changed …

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